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Florida Prison Consulting

It's your life. Be equipped. We are not your typical prison consulting company. We equip inmates, not only with the necessary social knowledge that is helpful in a detention context, but also with the tools to stand up to staff corruption and abuse within the prison system. Don't be a victim. Know what's lawful, and how to navigate the system if you face staff corruption. In prison, knowledge is the power to protect yourself when no one else can.

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Florida Prison Consulting, federal prison consulting in Florida.



Our Prison Consultant, Wesley Todd has has been personally incarcerated twice within the prison system, both state and federal. During that time, he witnessed tremendous corruption from prison staff. He made it is his personal mission to expose any corruption that he came across. He also determined not to become a vicitim of it, in a culture of intimidation and abuse, as well as to help other inmates be empowered with that same knowledge. Today he is passionate about equipping people facing that environment with the tools and support that they will need to not fall prey to that toxic culture of corruption.

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Personalized Protection Coaching

Many prison consultation companies will just charge you money to tell you to “lay low” from other inmates. That seems like solid advice, except for the fact that many abuses of power from the actual staff happen within the criminal justice system. It is routine in fact. It is not enough to know how to stay out of the way of other inmates. You also need to know how to legally and procedurally protect yourself from staff abuse of power. People that have not stood up to staff corruption during their incarceration have nothing to offer on that critical side of things.

Ongoing Support

Many prison consultation companies just give you a rundown before you go in, and that’s it. We stand by our clients for the long haul. Your friends and family may abandon you. You may not be able to count on them for any number of things that you would need to do in order to protect your rights within the prison system. We offer ongoing support during the length of your incarceration. If anything happens, you can know that we are a phone call away to immediately begin to act on your behalf.

Strength in Numbers

We work with a number of other inmates (and their families) within various facilities so as to provide cohesion to our offensive and defensive protection strategies. For instance, if there is a certain staff member at a certain facility that is problematic, it is more helpful to organize the timing of the necessary reports to the relevant people in order to better expose the perpetual problem.

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After my consultation, I felt much more confident and equipped to enter with my eyes wide open, and not fall to what would have been my mistakes. Wesley’s course was a good mental conditioning for me,


I talked to a few different companies but none of them offered what Florida Prison Consultations did. You can tell that Wesley is highly passionate about making a difference in the sphere of criminal justice and the daily lives of inmates and their families.


Wesley Todd gave me the information I needed to help my spouse who is currently incarcerated. I am grateful for his desire to help inmates.


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