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Our dual emphasis is Initial Consultation and Ongoing Support. You can find a list of our services below along with the cost and some of the main content/services that it covers. Our most frequently purchased consultation is our Prison Prep Consultation. If you have not been to trial yet, we highly encourage you to consider our Pretrial Consultation.

Pretrial Consultation


Pretrial consultation – $250

  1. Basics of federal judicial system.

  2. Common scams that lawyers run.

  3. How to get into RDAP.

  4. How to get First Step Act time credits.

  5. How to get the very least time possible.

  6. Filing for sentence mitigation.

  7. Pretrial Release Explained.

Prison Prep Consultation


Prison Prep Consultation – $500

Everything you will personally need to know about prison and what you will personally face as an individual based on your background, experience, and personal character traits which we will review and customize in the bio that you will fill out for us. You will also be able to ask questions and dialogue about whatever relevant matters that are of importance to you.

Grievance Process Prep


Grievance Process Prep - $250 (This is already included in our "Prison Prep Consultation."

  1. Introduction into fighting corruption/abuse.  

  2. How to file the needed documents to preserve your right to sue the prison.

  3. How to file a BP-8, BP-9, BP-10, and BP-11 

  4. How to effectively win an administrative remedy.

  5. How to file federal tort claims against your prison. 

  6. How to proceed Pro Se into federal court against your prison. 

Fill Out Our Client Questionnaire to Get Started:

Active Grievance Assistance


Grievance Assistance – $300 and up depending on relevant factors.

This takes us significantly less time and costs you significantly less if you have already received our Grievance Process Prep Consultation.

  1. Our ongoing guidance in helping you put together, write, and file an entire grievance through all 4 stages. This process could take up to a year in total time or even slightly longer at times. 

  2. Our lobbying and complaint experts taking these issues all the way to the wardens and even Senators or Congress, if needed, to get you the best results. 

Government Official Lobbying Prep


Government Official Lobbying Prep - $1000

  1. Basic educational class on lobbying for the unique aide of prison conditions and justice. 

  2. Who and how to contact in DC and  which senators/congressmen are more sympathetic towards inmates and families. 

  3. Lobbying guidelines if you’re doing it yourself. 

Active Lobbying Assistance


Single Questions - $100 

Have a specific question you need an answer for? 

Lobbying Assistance – $2000 and up depending on factors.

  1. Direct mailing and setting up actual cases with congress and senators to help you in your direct circumstances.

  2. Calls to congress and senators 

  3. Calls to wardens and upper management BOP staff on your behalf 

  4. Interviews in person with congress and senate elected representatives regarding your situation which can be conducted in your state or in DC depending on current office location of elected official

  5. Preparation of letters seeking clemency and bill passage that could affect your sentence.

  6. Preparing bill drafts for congress and communicating with them to push certain bills that would positively affect your sentence.

Family Member Assistance


Family Assistance – $500

  1. How to do the most to help your family member,

  2. Helping a family member get home sooner.

  3. Lobbying support.

  4. How to fight for your inmate family member.

  5. How to help your family member overturn a false disciplinary action

  6. How to get your family member moved to a closer or better prison.

  7. How to stay in better contact with the family member during Covid.

  8. Understanding your power as a free citizen to fight for justice and early release. 

  9. How to connect with and build an army of other family members to collectively fight for justice. 

Services & Rates: Services
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