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Florida Prison Consulting, Prison Consulting in Florida

About Our Staff

Florida Prison Consulting is spearheaded by the consulting and lobbying work of Wesley Todd. During his own two incarcerations in the prison system (state and federal), he experienced, the toxic staff culture of corruption and intimidation. The intimidation and abuse creates a chilling effect on inmates willing to follow the administrative remedy processes. The toxic culture discourages even learning this process, much less employing it. Since Wesley Todd is not someone who allows himself to be illegally pushed around, he studied the processes and continuously employed them for himself and others that were unable to learn the process themselves. He also experienced all the way that the staff try to illegally intercept in the process ( e.g. stealing mail, technicalities, lying to inmates). All these things result in delays, human rights abuses, and more intimidation.

Wesley Todd was shocked that there were so many inmates that knew nothing about these processes, including many inmates who had paid thousands of dollars for prison consultations. Essentially, it seemed that these prison consultants knew nothing about these processes, and instead of teaching their clients these strategies, they tell them to just "lay low" from staff. To "lay low" is a great strategy only if trouble doesn't find you. If trouble does find you, you need to be equipped to handle it. That is a unique focus that Wesley Todd has in his prison consultation service that is very needed, but evidently, is also very often overlooked. There are specific lawsuits that can be filed, without the help of an attorney, while being incarcerated. And there are specific ways to document and report corruption and protect against the process being circumvented by corrupt staff. Wesley Todd is not an attorney and cannot provide legal advice. What he can do is provide the knowledge you will need to stand up to staff corruption if the trouble finds you, and to also give you the social knowledge that is helpful in a detention context.

Wesley Todd's work has resulted in a prison closure and multiple guards being arrested. It is Wesley’s goal that inmates would be equipped with the knowledge necessary to stand up for themselves so that they are not taken advantage of in our corrupt prison system. We definitely can’t take every case, but if you send in a questionnaire form, you will be thoughtfully considered!

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