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Inmate kills officer in Georgia Prison

OK my feelings are really mixed here. And I'm going to see it bluntly if he was a good officer, and a good person he wouldn't have gotten killed. The sad thing is that the DO C, and the BOP hire some of the nastiest evil people in the world to work for them, and I'm definitely not mourning his death in the slightest. I am mourning the fact that the inmate is going to get Horrible and probably a life sentence. But this officer had no business being employed by the bureau when he was a piece of garbage. Hiring monsters to abuse. Inmates causes repercussions, and the inmate understood the repercussions. When he murdered him but he still did it. I've got no pity for the officer in the slightest because I know what a dirt bag he had to have been for an inmate to risk his life to kill him. I blame this on the Georgia Department of corrections for a so much abuse to take place against the inmates on a daily basis, as well as not being able to properly secure and maintain a compound This is a complete failure from the DOC. I'm sorry for the family members that are grieving on the Inmate side as well as the officer side but the officer is most likely spending eternity in hell right now for being such an abusive piece of garbage that forced an inmate to murder him. I know the news is not going to say it like this, but I'm going to say it like it is. Sometimes very rarely there are consequences for treating people in humanely, and this time his karma ran out and he's spending eternity in hell for it.

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